Sunday, April 13, 2014

Feds Stand Down On Bundy Ranch

Per Natural News HERE:

"The BLM.... has announced a stand down and has begun releasing the Bundy family's cattle from the BLM's "bovine concentration camps."
This has just been confirmed by the Bundy family on their Facebook page.

A tense standoff had taken place for several hours, where armed citizens of the United States of America -- many on horseback -- drew a literal line in the sand and refused to back down until BLM released the cattle.

The photo below ....shows armed American citizens in a standoff with BLM thugs (in the white SUVs) who engaged in the felony theft of the Bundy family cattle and committed numerous felony assaults on American citizens.
As you can see in the photo, a brigade of armed Americans -- many waving American flags -- blockaded the road at a strategic roadway point.....
Government thugs had inflamed the situation by ordering attack dogs to attack innocent bystanders and saying, on the record, that they "hoped the protesters were ready to die."
Outraged by the lawless aggression of an out-of-control government, American citizens banded together to stand up to tyranny, even at the risk of being killed in the process...."


More info from WRSA HERE and HERE.

An all to rare good outcome for the good guys.
Of course, in the immortal words of Obi-wan "they'll be back...and in greater numbers."

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Two great posts by WRSA and TL, that outline exactly why there will be no real political progress  towards regaining our lost freedoms in these days;

WRSA Observes;

""...As I stood listening to the speakers, I kept listening and looking around for any signs (literally and figuratively) that folks actually understood politics in Comrade Barry "We Won" Soetero's America, circa 2009.
The closest I saw?
One woman I spotted on my way to the transit station holding a sign which simply said, "Peaceful Attempt".
But if I gotten up on stage and said, "Do you understand that by demanding the elimination of socialism from this country -- which you claim to want -- you are implicitly and necessarily demanding the end of
- Social Security;
- Medicare;
- Medicaid;
- the new prescription drug benefit for geezers;
- Federal aid to local schools;
- the deductibility of mortgage interest;
- subsidized student loans; and
- a myriad of other government transfer payments?",

I would have been booed off the stage, at best.

And the Second Amendment?
Oh, no. Far too scary that topic, apparently, for the Tea Party organizers. Only two speakers mentioned gun rights, and let's just say that those references were hardly Vanderboeghian.....

"".... Only by understanding that the overwhelming majority of Americans have become almost hopelessly addicted to government intervention in their lives can we, as a society and as individuals, begin to get free and clean from that vice.

So long as any American's position on the relationship between state and individual can be reduced to "Let's just go back to the amount of socialism (and its necessary correlative theft from my fellow citizens) that I liked", that American is just as deranged and just as pathetic as an alcoholic who, after a bad incident, vows to avoid hard liquor and only drink wine in the future....""

Which sets up TL's observations regarding the NRA's recent actions perfectly:

""....Tom King of the NRA, like members of the GOP, is so busy thinking about elections and politically acceptable positions, he, like them, has sold the entire concept of Constitutional republicanism to the highest bidder, i.e. George Soros. There is nothing more infuriating than when these parasites speak of rights and liberty as motivational appeal points in a speech, but argue against them when it looks like the people might actually adhere to the ideals they invoke at every fundraiser and in every article.

The NRA is comprised of hunters, gun enthusiasts, Second Amendment advocates and police officers. I guess the NRA has caught some flak from their uniformed members about the rhetoric taking place when the issues are real. Now, the NRA wants to soften the rhetoric lest they lose dues paying members. They will lose a lot of dues paying members on all sides if things get out of hand, but the only way it can get out of hand is if police officers take the next fatal step and seek to aggressively enforce the unconstitutional laws passed by their legislatures; the very laws they are sworn to oppose.

The NRA, if it sought to be a real advocate of the Second Amendment, rather than a political arm of the GOP, would be pressing their members in law enforcement to back down their legislators, to discuss with them the realities of the situation and seek repeal.....

""....There is only one absolute truth, and every patriot knows it: the government will never back off from its quest for power. Resistance to tyranny is duty. So, when Tom King and the NRA appeal to the middle third of voters they only weaken their own voice in the public square. They are John Boehner, John McCain and Mitch McConnell. Our fight is our own. We don't have the advantage of funds and political persuasion, all we have, as patriots, is our willingness to enforce our rights with our blood.....""

One aspect of this is what I and many others have noticed over the past years- the NRA is NOT the voice of the true American gun owner. The folks who just woke up yesterday and feel the need to "take action" with their wallets? Sure. And more power to them. The folks think it's all about "sportsmen" and "hunting" and could really give less of a damn as long as they can bag a few deer each year? Sure.
People who actually give a damn about the actual intent of the Second, and working towards wresting our rights back from these thieving politicians hands, whatever it takes, for however long it takes? Eh... not so much. They suddenly get all wobbly-kneed when it seems people feel more like exercising their rights than talking about them.
I remember a gun show I attended a while back. There was the usual NRA booth outside by the line to get in and the guy in charge was haranguing the crowd about why they should join. Not one person moved to the table. I felt like walking over and saying, "sir, do you know WHY, aside from your terrible choice of table location not one person out there is coming by to sign up? Let's have a nice discussion about this..."
No, the NRA is not the whole problem, but is could be doing SO much more than being a punching bag for Regressives...

Which brings me to my second point (because I feel the need to reiterate previously stated points today)-
In the words of commenter "Anonymous" at TL's palce:

"The repressive gun laws will NEVER, EVER be repealed in CT, or anywhere else. For that to happen, the legislatures would have to admit they made a mistake. Not bloody likely."

THANK YOU! For finally saying it how it is.
The gov. can and will never admit it was wrong- you can see this plain as day in the current "affordable" health care fiasco. The best thing they could have done is say "Guys , we fucked up. We're going to shelve this indefinitely until a better solution presents itself". But no- they've got to keep bullheadedly charging "forward" - "fix" this, change that, make a promise here and break one there- anything but admit a wrong action.
Because once they admit they were wrong- just *once*- the game is over for them. At that point, everything is up for grabs, because then people would realize what a facade their "all powerful, all knowing" image is. Behold! a god who bleeds. If they were wrong about this, then they must be wrong about that and those other things....
And that can never happen, so to keep control they need to keep people addicted to the current political system were we "democratically" "vote the bastards out" with increasingly worse candidates whose only real function is to toe the gov. line as our only "choice". Vote for such and such candidate who will restore your rights!
Oh, he didn't follow up on all the great sounding things they said to get elected? Folded like a cardboard box at the first sign of resistance?
To bad citizen- try again next voting season. Better luck next time. But for now we'll need you to bend over a little further...
Sad, really.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back In!

Yep, it's been a while since I've been posting here.
What can I say- work is driving me nuts, and in between said work it's an alternating pattern of being to wiped out to think, and playing catching up with all the other stuff you have to or want to do- I've barely had time to skim WRSA, let alone actually read an article. Good grief....
Hopefully, within the next week or so, I'll be back to my usual ranting and raving for your enjoyment. :D

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MVT Forum Open

Per the MVT Blog HERE :

"...Vision: to provide a forum for the constructive discussion of all matters tactical and related, as an alternative to ‘tacticool’ forums propagating unsuitable and non-combat effective tactics. To do this while remaining free from dogma, or falling into narrow thinking. A open minded and constructive approach.
Intent: to educate civilians in the correct ways to conduct tactics, and hence increase the survivability and effectiveness of such civilians when facing tactical threats.
To avoid: narrow thinking, clear intent to commit civil disobedience against legitimate government, terrorist threats or conspiracy, radical political agendas. All crazy far out theories, whether true or not! 
Legitimacy is imperative. 
Acceptable: discussions on Liberty and threats to it, societal collapse, and fighting potential enemies foreign or domestic. Resistance to threats of tyranny, foreign invasion or the like...."
Head on over and join the party!

MVT Forum

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ah, Kalifornia...

WHY is it, that every time I hear about some really dumb shit these days, half the time it's in Kalifornia?
I mean do the folks over there lay awake at night and dream up new and more inventive ways to make that state go even more full retard, or is it just me? Good grief.
So in the news for merry ol' Kali lately we have two items of interest;

Back in 2010 there was an incident at a school where a bunch of hispanic kids, during the Cinco de Mayo holiday, warned that any students wearing clothing with an American flag on it would get beat up by gang members. The solution? Ban kids from wearing clothing with American flags on them, never mind the other kids still being allowed to wear their own country's flag.
Recently the courts OK'd that decision, citing "legal precedent"... Brilliant!

Court OKs High School Ban On American Flag T-shirts


"........he court pointed out that under previous law, it is indeed legal to restrict high school students' free speech because of safety concerns. The Live Oak dress code also states, "The school has the right to request that any student dressing inappropriately for school will change into other clothes, be sent home to change, and/or be subject to disciplinary action." Writing for the panel of three judges, 9th Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown stated, "Our role is not to second-guess the decision to have a Cinco de Mayo celebration or the precautions put in place to avoid violence. ... [The events] made it reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real." However, some parents are still threatening to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court....."

 "....The court ruling appears to be on firm ground because of legal precedent, but blogging about the case, Eugene Volokh, a professor of law at UCLA and specialist in free speech, says it's about far more than T-shirts and that there are some serious issues at stake. "This is a classic 'heckler's veto' — thugs threatening to attack the speaker, and government officials suppressing the speech to prevent such violence," he wrote. "The school taught its students a simple lesson: If you dislike speech and want it suppressed, then you can get what you want by threatening violence against the speakers...."

In more recent news, the LAPD, up to it's usual hijinks, has decided to follow the NSA's example and turn the city into a massive police surveillance area.

LAPD Spies On Millions Of Innocent Folks


"...The use of militarized surveillance technology appears to be spreading beyond its initial applications during the mid-2000s in high-crime areas to now target narrow, specific crimes such as auto theft. Now, LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff are monitoring the whereabouts of residents whether they have committed a crime or not. The biggest surveillance net is license plate reading technology that records your car's plate number as you pass police cruisers equipped with a rooftop camera, or as you drive past street locations where such cameras are mounted...."

In 2010, LAPD announced a partnership with Motorola Solutions to monitor the Jordan Downs public housing project with surveillance cameras. Then-chief Bratton called it the start of an ambitious buildout to use remote "biometric identification," which can track individuals citywide.
In a letter to the Los Angeles City Council, Bratton claimed that CCTV "will enable police to respond more effectively to criminal conduct," and that "facial-recognition technologies will be used to enable law enforcement to more effectively enforce the gang injunction already in place."
Then in January 2013, LAPD announced the deployment of more than a dozen live-monitored CCTV cameras in the Topanga and Foothill divisions in the San Fernando Valley. The cameras are equipped with facial-recognition software — purportedly programmed to ID people named on "hot lists" for having open warrants or because they were documented as active gang members...."

"... Smart video" programs can use facial recognition to ID people by comparing live CCTV footage to mugshot databases built from facial scans collected by police using mobile devices or during bookings. Computer programs also can learn "acceptable behavior" by humans — such as pedestrian or vehicular traffic patterns — and alert cops when something "abnormal"' occurs.
LAPD already is using a sophisticated intelligence-analysis program from Silicon Valley firm Palantir, which is partially funded by In-Q-Tel, the Central Intelligence Agency's venture capital firm. Palantir sells data-mining and analysis software to the NSA and other intelligence agencies.
LAPD did not respond to requests for comment about the Palantir intelligence program. But Peter Bibring, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Southern California, has seen at least one Suspicious Activity Report from LAPD in which investigators used Palantir's intelligence-analysis software to delve into "license plates, leads and suspect profiles."..."

Isn't it nice they're so concerned for our well-being? Just smile and wave to your friends on the other side of the camera as you walk by... don't run though- that might be considered abnormal behavior.
Plus, you've got to look on the bright side here- maybe next time they'll shoot up the *right* truck....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Humor- Gun Show Field Guide

Cannot remember the origin of the story, but if you have ever been to a gunshow.... you'll love this.

A Field Guide To Gun Shows

The Know it ALL dealer : The know it all dealer can tell you the entire history of every gun in the place. He can be a great help to a newbie but the fact is he doesn't know shit. In his perfect memory (fantasy) the guns on his table are truly unique and one of a kind. Never mind the fucking serial numbers being in the 4 million range. When doing you the large favor of just acknowledging your presence, he can and will make you the deal of a lifetime. Preban (sic) weapons of fierce lineage. The AR15 on his table ? Yep, sure enough it's the one issued to Carlos Hathcock. The Norinco .45 ? You gessed it, Audie Murphy carried that one. The hicap AR mags ? Of course they are the "real deal" buster. These were carried in 'Nam. None of the imitation USGI shit here man, the real thing. They have 10% of the original finish left and are worth $60 each, and you are damn lucky he is in a good mood.

The Wannabe : This guy is usually in his late teens or early twenties. Hasn't been laid but once in his life and wants you to believe you are an inch away from a sure, swift, horrific death just because he walked within 5 feet of you on an aisle. Sporting a trendy "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" new t-shirt and a pair of Danner copies. His pants are stuffed in his boot tops, he is DAMN sure he can handle any weapon at the show and is the first guy in line to buy from “Mr. Know it ALL” dealer. He is specops material for sure. If he ever saves enough money to buy gas to go over to the enlistment office he will offer his services to this fine country of ours. As long as he can skip boot camp, not have to cut his hair and can lead some really cool Ranger outfit. Otherwise, it's too much trouble. He watches movies about war and sits and loudly elaborates on how he would have done things if he had been in charge of the movie outfit.

The Class III dealer : This guy is one way cooool motherfucker. He has twenty five guns lined out on his table with the little signs "Please don't touch" every two or three inches. If you ask him ANY question he looks scornfully at you and lets you know you are a waste of good useable oxygen. He has the same guns at every show, and the same crappy accessories in his little glass case. The reason he hangs on to his stuff forever is he wants 13k for a registered receiver Uzi in about 70%. This along with the BANNED SAR48 Springfield for $9500 in 80%. The mags in the case? Well they are there for serious customers only. Yep, Glock hicaps are $125 each and oh yes, the MP5 curved 30 rd mags at $100 each used is only for a "serious" buyer. Sadly he doesn't realize just how much business he pisses away when answering every question with an angry, hostile response. He doesn't at all understand money or the international exchange rate of same. This is evident because this idiot full auto bastard MUST have everything priced based on Canadian dollars. Why would he be 40% high on everything ?

The JUNK guy : This fine fellow will bring 8 tables worth of rusted shit you never recognize. He has several boxes of stuff on his tables. Too lazy to unload, tag or price any of it, he is assuming that every son of a bitch at the show is going to stop in and immediately recognize something from the mess. Goes to EVERY show with the same junk and when you walk buy, he is sitting on his ass talking shit to a buddy and ignoring anyone or anything around his tables. If you happen to be so lucky as to get his attention and ask about a specific item in the hopes that the all elusive magic part you need may be hidden away in his shit, he simply says "yeah I have one, check back with me in about an hour, I will see if I can find it". You, being most patient and amenable agree and walk on. After an hour, you drop back by his table and ask if he found your wonderzap springs. "What was that ? Yeah I think I have one of those, check back with me in an hour or so"

The Mag Guy : This fellow sells only mags. He may wear a white straw cowboy hat. His attitude is the worst of any seller in the show. He has hundreds of mags, all thrown out on a table. Many are rusted and worn beyond recognition. If you happen to ask about a specific mag, he snaps at you and informs you " Yeah $140". Shit! Who knew a CZ mag would be worth that much? If you ask him to confirm the price, he gets furious and barks for you to move on since you can't afford shit anyway. Nevermind the black Steyr you are carrying and the 5k in cash you brought.

The Kinda Shady Guy : This person has two tables. It is covered with things ranging from LEO mags to fucked up home job AR kit guns. His willingness to let you in on the "really good deals" on shit you can't get ANYWHERE else is a testament to his fine demeanor. "Yeah those are LEO mags, but hey do you REALLY think they're gonna chack you ? Shit, those BATF guys don't care about this kind of stuff, they are out looking for gun runners. They're too stupid to even know what's legal and what isn't anyway. If the LEO mags bother you, I have a shitload of ones I just refinished myself. You can't see the LEO markings on them at all." The AR kit guns all have selector switches that rotate 180 degrees and some have an M16 bolt. He isn't going to tell anyone about them so just buy it and keep quiet...ok ? You can have an AR with MACHINE GUN parts in it. How cool is that? The AR's are right next to the pre-86 $179 drop in sears with the copied letter in the little bag, just so you can be "legal".

The Beanie Baby/Ammo guy : He is selling ammo and beanie babies. Well actually his wife and kid are selling the beanie babies. Cavim .308 for $200 a case and Pooch the Snoot (or WTF ever) beanie baby for $25 bucks. Nevermind the fact that he bought the Cavim from the guy across the aisle who still has quite a bit left selling for $149 a case. He opens up boxes of IMI SS109 from Cole and puts a few on stripper clips and sells it to The Wannabe for $60 a clip. If you happen to be so bold as to inquire why in hell he would try to sell ammo right across the aisle from the same ammo priced $50 less a case, he just looks real confused at you and says " I got two cases, you interested in a Beanie Baby today" ?

The Knife Guy : This guy is sharp. He is in the zone when it comes to gunshows. He buys every piece of merchandise he sells off the Shop At Home cable show. The daggers, the swords and oh HELL yes the tactical folders with a boot, belt or pocket clip. Where the hell else is Wannabe going to get the really cool survival knife for 18 bucks out the door ? Where WOULD the Mexicans buy the daggers and Bowie knock offs to keep in their back pockets ?

The Beef Jerky guy : This fellow has lost sight of the fact that "THIS - IS - A - GUNSHOW". He puts his two coolers of shrink wrapped jerky on the table, a cooler of cold drinks and a little sign reading "free cold drink with every purchase". He spends the entire gunshow giving out samples to passers-by. He sells beef jerky to the Beanie Baby/Ammo guy because he is too cheap to buy his wife and kid a hotdog from the concession stand, the FREE cold drink cinched it. The trips, three purchases and viola ! free lunch and drinks. The Jerky guy thinks he is doing well because three customers have bought his beef jerky in the last 10 minutes. He has no idea the reason his table always seems so crowded is because he is setup right in front of the concession stand at all those people are in line to get nachos.

The Doofus Guy : This fellow is in his late 50's or 60's and works gunshows part time with the missus. She sits behind the table all day, licking her little dog's ass and smoking like a fucking chimney. She is wearing sequins and makes damn sure everyone she speaks with KNOWS she drove here in a Lincoln. They are trying to sell things like Leapers scopes, lame videos, cheapo cleaning stuff and aftermarket sights. They don't know shit about what goes with or on what and their only response to any question is "what we have is on display" He is pussy whipped beyond belief and at random times (when safe) he has an outburst just to confirm his manhood (as long as Mama says it is ok). No warranty, no refund, all sales final. If you buy anything from him and it breaks well, you should have known that before you bought it.

The Mexican gunshow attendee : I'm not talking about Americans who have Mexican heritage, I'm talking about the taco bending motherfucker who can't speak a word of english and is wearing white shoes. He is dragging the wife who is wearing her rosary and a shawl along with 8 or 9 mutants screaming and running around getting in the way. Wannabe has to hold back when he sees them- he is sure he could take them all. The Mexican is looking for an AK. It is Saturday, he went by the liquor store and cashed his paycheck on the way to the show, so he is rolling in fluid cash. Three maybe four hundred. He walks past one table and another until he comes to the one he has been "looking for". A VERY post Romak single stack. $400 and a handshake later he is over at the Mag Guy's table trying to buy 30 rd mags for it. His wife just looks confused and a little nervous, the kids are all lined up at the Beef Jerky guys table swiping samples like government cheese.

The Mag Guy gets pissed and starts yelling and the Mexican gets offended. He leaves the wife at the Mag Guys table holding the single stack Romak, to go over to see the Knife Guy to get a knife so he can settle this shit. He will be right back. The kinda shady guy who sold him the Romak is keeping his head down now in hopes that the Mexican doesn't realize he bought a single stack for $400. The Doofus stops the Mexican on the way to the Knife Guy's table and asks if he would like to buy a set of paper-clip night sights for his new AK. He does. By now the Beanie Baby/Ammo guy sees the Mexican and offers him some ammo. Realizing the Mexican doesn't speak english, he decides to quit trying to sell ammo and picks up a beanie baby and says loudly and slowly " PIINNNYYAAAATTAA por El Nino". He takes two.

By now Wannabe is damn sure all hell is going to break loose. He hurries back to the Know it ALL dealers table and buys all the $60 AR mags, 'cause the shit is about to hit the fuckin' fan and he has got to have the real deal to come out of it alive! The Class III dealer is now sure one of the little Mexicans who are picking up his guns are going to steal one. He starts running around the table trying to chase the little bastards off and realizes one of them ran off with an MP5K and is running around the show yelling BANG ! BANG ! Every time he tries to catch the little turd he runs under a table to the next aisle. Finally the little bandito gets to the Kinda Shady Guys table. KSG realizes the opportunity at hand and shoves the kid under his table until Mr Class III asshole runs by in a panic. When the coast is all clear he pulls the little Mexican out from under the table and sends him on his way. He takes the MP5K from the kid and tells him he shouldn't be playing with real guns. The kid hears his mother scream and takes off because Mexican just stabbed the Mag Guy with the knife he bough from The Knife guy. Kinda Shady Guy turns around and digs in his bag, slaps a price tag on the MP5K and put's it out on his table for sale. The Junk guy realizes the Mag Guy is now dead and goes over and offers to buy all the mags left from the Mag Guys wife. Horribly shaken, she agrees and sells everything. The Junk Guy rakes all the mags off the table into a couple of boxes and takes and sets both boxes out on his table.

This is usually where I come in. Everyone acting like they just won the lottery or pissed off at the world. Doofus, Beanie Baby, Beef Jerky and Knife guys have had a good day. They sold something. Know it ALL Dealer and Class III guys are now more sure than they were EVER before that their opinions of gunshow customers are accurate. Kinda Shady guy still isn't saying shit (know what I mean ?) and Wannabee is stranded on one of the rafters where he climbed up to get a better shot. He is hanging upside down from a rappelling rope and yelling for help as he tries to get to his survival knife. Not sure what he is going to do with it when he gets to it though. The Junk Guy made out like a bandit, but will never realize it because he will continue to ignore buyers and the Mag Guy...well let's just say I ain't going to lose any sleep over him being gone. So as I walk from aisle to aisle, looking for anything I can use, I always feel like I just missed the big happening. Why else would these morons be the way they are? Yep, I must have missed something big….

For more hilarious stereotypes, visit the link HERE.