Saturday, July 12, 2014

Posting Update

A long overdue update on events here.
Frankly, there's a lot going on, the end result of which tends to drain the ol' "give a damn" meter.
Posting for the forseeable future is going to get sporadic (if you haven't already noticed...).

If you're still dropping by to check things out, thanks for your support!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Only In America....

....Do people who get themselves shot for attempting an armed robbery of  a Waffle House get to affect your right to legally arm yourself to defend against such  a situation....

This would be hilarious, if it was an SNL skit or such...

So the backstory- some wannabe thug and his pal decide to rob a Waffle House (sheer genius at work there...). They go in waving guns at folks, Thug #1 points his piece at the wrong guy, a CCW'er, and gets shot. Thug #2 gets 30 years.

Fast forward to present day- dear departed Thug #1's cousin says that legal concealed carriers need to jump through more hoops because somehow "...tougher regulations for the acquirement of concealed weapon permits may have prevented her cousin's death...." despite the fact that he had acquired his weapon illegally and then tried to rob and terrorize people with it.

Read the full report HERE

Suggested reading for the complainee:

I have nothing else to say.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Thought Of The Day

"Helpless people must find something to think about while waiting for their kings and princes to do something about the killing. Instead of doing something about it themselves, they blame the freedom that left the killer free to kill, instead of the lack of freedom that prevented them from being able to stop him."
-Daniel Greenfield

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lowballers And Other Assorted Idiots

Yo breh, got a water bottle. Drank out of it yesterday, but it’s in great condition and still half full. Trade for those Glock mags? 

Hello there- saw your items for sale, and I’ve got a blank check here- you can write any amount you want, under $30.

Hey man, I see your expensive set of quality high end gear didn’t sell for your ultra low price that’s so far below retail it makes baby Jesus cry. I have a contact at that same company I can get the same thing from for practically free, but I’ll do you a solid and offer half what you wanted for it. I think that’s a fair deal for everyone.

Brotha!!!  I noticed you had some items for sale but I’m to cheap to pay for shipping. I’ll make you an offer- half your original price and you pay shipping. Deal?
By the way I live in Alaska. 

I mean, seriously?
And then these same dipshits have the audacity to charge retail for their items and if you try to get them to come down a mere handful of bucks, everyone loses their mind!

“Man, I’ve got such and such absurd amount of money into this setup, and I won’t let it go for anything less than what I have into it, plus some. Because you know, putting it all together took a whole lot of my valuable time. If you’re going to lowball me, I suggest you look somewhere else.”

And it’s usually the guys with some frankengun  or off the wall gear they’d have a hard time selling even if they weren’t busy being complete dicks. Or the guys that think their “thing” whatever the hell it may be is so super fucking special that no-one else can go out and simply buy it brand new for literally the same price, from a company that’s going to make it way easier than dealing with some overly egotistical, pompous pain in the ass. So explain to me why in the nine hells would I want to buy yours anyway?

And then we have my other favorite type of person to deal with- the paranoid suspicious guy, who’s always sure he’s going to get screwed over.
You walk into the deal, when suddenly he plunks you down in a chair, whips out a spotlight, and shines it in your face:

“Hey man saw your stuff for sale and I wonder why you’re selling it? Because I’ve heard that it’s really good stuff and I’ve read reviews and stuff and everyone says it’s really good, so I wanted to know why you’re selling it because most people usually don’t sell that kind of stuff because it’s so good…”

And you’re like, well let me see, sir, I’m selling it because I shit all over it and then my dog chewed it to pieces, but it was still in good enough shape to get a few bucks out of, so I put it out here to sell, but while I was packing it up the aliens came down and tried to probe me so I had to use it to fight them off. So as you can see, I have no use for it anymore. Am I being detained?

Do I even need to go on here?
Because see it’s really simple- I DON’T NEED ANY REASON TO SELL MY PERSONALLY OWNED PROPERTY. Who cares WHY the person is selling it? Mostly I’m guessing from personal experience it’s because it’s simply no longer needed, or they’re looking to trade out for a different version, or the return time expired and since the original company won’t take it back, it now has to be sold for a loss.
REJOICE! This is your opportunity to get really nice stuff for really nice prices!
Yes, some people sell their crap because it’s broke and they’re hoping some sucker will buy it (and of course all sales are final!)- we KNOW.
But here’s the other half of the story - don’t come and grill me over WHY I’m selling something if you’re not even interested in buying it, or are simply going to follow up your little Detective Dumbass wannabe interrogation session with some ridiculous lowball offer. Do me, and everyone else who is sick and tired of this shit a favor, and piss off!

And finally, for the love of Pete, please read the description of the item BEFORE asking any retarded questions, and KNOW YOUR ITEM BEFORE you try to buy it off someone.
It’s like selling an AR pattern magazine and some guy comes up and says “so, will this fit my X-brand AR?” And you just sit there and wonder how the hell this guy is still breathing.

Or when you’re selling something there’s multiple versions of, and you have plastered all over the description of what you are selling the EXACT letter, number, and chemical composition of the item in painfully exacting detail so that anyone that sees it will have no doubt about exactly what they are buying.
And of course inevitably some poor clueless soul wanders by, picks the thing up, and before they even open their mouth you just *know* what they’re going to say, but it’s like watching a train about to run over a car from a mile away- you can see it coming, but can’t do a thing to stop it.
And the person is like “So…. Is this item compatible with such and such”, in that perfectly dead serious tone that we’ve all come to know and loathe.
And you want to slap them, but you can’t because they’re to stupid to understand why they’re being slapped. All you can do is sit there in silent frustration, simultaneously ripping your hair out, rending your clothes and wearing sackcloth and ashes while shaking them about the neck like one of those wiggly-necked dolls from the 90’s, and say “Yes, my good sir. Yes it is that exact part as you can see here clearly labeled on the sign and everywhere else. Will you be paying with paper or plastic?”

This concludes our lesson for the day.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bag of sawdust and a handful of spent shells I need to trade for a case of ammo.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Worthy Memorial Day Letter

For the men that didn't make it back....

A great letter from the CEO of Ares Armor- Posted in full. Original link HERE

TO: Whom It May Concern

FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

SUBJ: Memorial Day

DATE: May 26, 2014

Today, we take time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our once great country.  An ungrateful land filled with recitals and incantations that have long lost their meaning.  A land where those very same heroes who fight in her defense are labeled as domestic terrorists.

Today, take time to really think about the sacrifices that were made. Take time to imagine what it’s like to be covered in the blood of one of your brothers. Imagine picking up the torn pieces and entrails of his body, one by one, and stuffing them into a sleeping bag so that at least his body can make it home to be buried by his wife and two daughters. To pick up the small bible that he carried in his pocket for luck and not be able to turn a single page because his blood has drenched and stuck them together. Take time to really ponder what it is like to dream every night of the blood dripping off your hands into the sand as you watch a young boy, barely in his teens, die in his father’s arms. Take time to wonder at what it feels like to come home and explain to a friend’s mother the events surrounding her son’s death, to look her in the face and watch her tears as she hears your story. Take time to really think about wiping a friend’s brain matter from your shirt. Feel helpless, as you learn of your friends committing suicide one by one till the deaths of those who have taken their own lives after the war overtakes the number of those who died in the war. Take time! Really take time to think.

What was it all for? Our brothers, our sons, our friends and our loved ones, their corpses even now rot in the land of ungrateful wretches such as us. We have allowed their sacrifice to be mooted by an overbearing tyrannical government that has enslaved us. What hubris is it on our part to thank a veteran for their service while we sit by and watch the very thing that they fought for be trampled and trivialized? The very word freedom has become a meaningless cliché used by politicians to further their own political agenda! How dare we. How dare we.

Mourn your dead land of the free! Mourn your dead! These sacrifices are not trivial. These men did not die in a pleasant romantic way. For what? For our own people to give away the very thing that could possibly justify their sacrifice? How selfish and self-righteous are we to recite the pledge of allegiance as if it is merely words without meaning? How many of us have taken an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution yet we sit back and do nothing as our Constitution is ripped asunder?

To my friends in the Federal Government: You have sworn an oath to The Constitution of The United States of America. Perhaps, you should do some real soul searching on who your master is and what your actions really are. If you are ordered to do something that is unconstitutional, it is your duty to refuse.

To those I saw die in combat: I promise you, I will not forget you. I will do my best to honor your sacrifice. I will remember my oath, I will remember.

Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Comments On Mental Prep, Battle Inoculation, and Terrorist Footage

Japanese Soldier bayonet practice with Chinese prisoner during WW2

So recently Max Velocity posted up two great (as usual) articles about preparing mentally for a combat situation, and live reality of how things will just go to shit in combat. The hour long documentary alone is well worth the watch (by the way, the first and third videos are the same unit). The posts can be found HERE and HERE. Definitely see Mosby’s “Developing a Pre-Disposition for Effective Violence” HERE as well, as all three of these posts go hand in hand, and frankly out to be required reading right along with any other handbook out there. 

I’m not going to comment on these because I think they speak for themselves, but I’m going to add some personal thoughts that I think tie in with these posts elsewhere.
Recently there was some footage- more like a documentary- filmed by the terrorist group ISIS in Iraq.
If you want, links can be found on the MVT forum HERE, but be advised it is not for the squeamish as the level of violence is a bit beyond the other videos here. 

I am not by any means an expert on this subject, but I’m going step out of my lane here a bit to comment on this because I feel like many folks in the Patriot, and especially Survival/Prepper community just don’t grasp the full gravity of a combat situation they may potentially find themselves in. It’s all fun to prepare for a far off future where nobody gets shot or killed and the good guys win, until suddenly it’s real….
I remember an episode (well actually multiple episodes) I watched of a show called Doomsday Preppers that portrayed this mental disconnect really well.
It’s an unfortunately true fact that half the people on that show have no clue what they’re doing- and believe me, if a non-expert like me can point this out, then you KNOW it’s bad…
But this case in particular, just stuck with me, because it had such a bad ending.

So to set the scene, this guy and his family of young’ins (perhaps combined with another family- I don’t remember exactly) decide to build a BOL in the desert of a certain state. The guy plans to use the classic “Prepper Alamo” defense to see off any attackers, but unfortunately is a typical tacticool idiot with more gear than brains. He’s decided to get his whole family involved in the defense, and I really don’t have a problem with this because I do think getting your kids’ training started young is a good thing. But a couple of his kids are *really* young, as in a little to young to be handling a firearm unsupervised, let alone in a combat situation.
His plan of defense is to leave the interior of the house, but the place the younger kids on the front porch prone in a support/overwatch position, while he, his daughter, and other family members[?] take up positions elsewhere around  the perimeter. While this may sound like a potentially good idea, he has to few bodies to effectively cover the area- only one person at each position- and the perimeter positions are situated badly, with at least one of the persons manning one facing the wrong direction….
To test his perimeter defense plan, he enlists the help of a few officers from the local PD to play “Opfor” and attempt to breach the perimeter and attack the house.

It’s a train wreck.
The Officers enter his property, and begin “shooting” the people at their positions. They use a very simple two-prong attack around the house, punching through the perimeter at… you guessed it- the position where the person was facing the wrong direction. Blam- they’re “shot” in the back. The Opfor Officers continue along the flank, Blam- the next person is “shot” without ever realizing they’ve been outflanked, and so forth, until the outer perimeter positions are all eliminated without so much as a single Opfor being “killed”.
Finally the Opfor officers make it to the front porch where the two youngest kids are with their rifles, and approach it from two sides, using the same pincer-flanking movement .

The youngest kid sees the Opfor come around one side, and points his rifle at him but doesn’t “shoot”- he just stands there with it. The other kid is flanked from behind, and “shot” .
So you’re left with the youngest kid standing there frozen without a clue what to do, totally surrounded, while the “Opfor” Officers are launching into their usual vocal assault of “Drop the gun! Get On the ground!” Even the rest of the (recently “dead”) family joins in calling for him to “Surrender and drop the gun”, and the kid is just standing there sort of half holding the rifle like “what the hell just happened?”
Finally the scenario ends, but the shitty part here is not how badly their tactical performance was, even though the officers obviously went easy on them, but that if this was for real, you just watched that entire family get wiped out without even firing a shot.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t even a sole example- I could go on about multiple groups on that show that ALL would have ended up with the same ending.

Beyond the obvious tactical incompetency’s, there’s a number of reasons for outcomes like this mock scenario. One of the biggest is the oft-harped-on normalcy bias.
Even for people that train realistically, eventually the drill ends, no-one dies from paper targets, and you can go back to the rest area and have a snack and discuss what happened, and then try it again in a few minutes.
Or for people that have ever played sports like paintball or airsoft, you get shot, you either sit on the ground for a few minutes until someone comes and “heals” you, or you go back to the respawn, and try again. There’s always a way out of a sticky situation- even if you’re completely surrounded by the “Opfor”, you can always stick your hand up, call Surrender, and walk away free of charge.
Unfortunately, it can’t really be helped, but this reinforces the lie that even if things go bad it’s not permanent and one can always get out of the situation.

Now go back and watch that ISIS movie- remember what happened to those guys that tried to surrender? Mag dumped in a ditch.
Remember the guys that just went along with their captors maybe hoping they would only be imprisoned? Shot eight or so times in the head.
Against an enemy that is either tyrannical enough to not want to take prisoners, or against an enemy that has no use for them aside from any nefarious purpose, there can be no surrender.
There’s no “time out” to the drill- the scenario doesn’t end when the local PD-playing-Opfor has you cornered. The scenario ends either with you killing or driving off the attackers, or with the attackers overwhelming and killing you and your family. You want to think about some scary shit, put a family like the previous example up against a crew of hardened marauders like the guys in the ISIS video…. Because that’s the kind of folk you’ll be up against if the “SHTF”. Call them “cannibalistic San Franciscans” or whatever you want but the simple truth of it is these people will have no goal other than to take what they want through any means necessary, and they will kill anyone in their way without mercy. That includes you and your eight year old kid. To quote a quote from WRSA, “Don’t lose- you won’t like it.”

The other half of the normalcy bias lie here is that of complacency. After spending endless hours of research and piles of money on the perfect rifle with the best performing ammo, piles of gear and maybe even some tactical skill, it’s easy to relegate a group such as “cannibalistic San Franciscans” from “dangerous threat” status to “minor pest problem that can easily be dealt with”. Because we’re so much better- we’re the good guys right? And then some group of assholes comes along when you least expect it or in a manner or numbers far beyond what you’ve imagined because you thought they were just a stupid mindless rabble, and kills your family and chops your head off… Oops. 

To quote Max’s article, “Ask if you and your small team would do any better?“
I know I’d be pretty fucked...

If I can pat myself on the back here for a second, for further commentary in this vein see two previous posts here-

Turn the Other Cheek? Kiss My Ass- A Historically Based Rant

No-one Can See The Other Side, Part 2


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Review- Forest Brothers

I ran across this book after a suggestion from a site I saw linked on WRSA- for the life of me I can’t find it now.
In short, this book is an overview of the actions of the “partisan” guerrillas during Lithuania’s fight to keep it’s independence during the Soviet takeover after WW2.
It’s not the most compellingly written book, being a translation of Luksa’s original memoir, and not the sort to read if you’re looking for lots of gunfire and explosions (although there are major battles and skirmishes)- what it is , is a great look into the overall “day to day” operations of the members of a fully active guerilla insurgency.

Reading through the book I was put in mind of a quote I read: “Help is not coming- neither is permission”. These partisans put everything they had into fighting their oppressors for years despite death and brutal torture, always believing that help from ‘the West’ was coming. Obviously, we totally failed to provide this, despite what was agreed upon after WW2- that nations would have the right to freely choose their own governments. One has to wonder if we ever meant to follow up on what we said, and further, how a similar situation would play out here, given that there literally would be no-one else to solicit help from. I’d recommend reading this book, not only as an interesting bit of history, but as an eye-opening, fantasy squashing forward look into a possible future.

Some interesting takeaways- 

The  Resistance had a leadership structure in place, with defined districts and areas of operations for each unit. They were coordinated enough to run and distribute their own counter-propaganda paper, and even stage a major training camp at one point. Doesn’t that stick a finger in the pie of the whole “leaderless resistance” fantasy?

The partisans had overwhelming support in both morale and supplies from the local populace (although given the outright robbery committed by the Soviets, this was quite meager at times)- it seems one of the major reasons the Soviets deported mass numbers of Lithuanians to Siberia was to undermine this support, as well as so they could blatantly kick them off their land and steal it for the government.
To further demoralize the populace and sever their support of the Partisans, occasionally Soviet units would disguise themselves as resistance fighters, adopting their clothing, gear, and mannerisms, and instead go around committing atrocities in the name of the resistance.

Gear and weapons were more or less “run what you brung”- at one point the author describes digging out a stash of weapons at the start of his involvement- a few rusty grenades, and couple submachine guns which he and his brother argued over which they would rather have- the better looking one, or the one likely to be more reliable. While originally higher quality captured German weapons were preferred, eventually the partisans had to switch to Soviet weapons due to lack of ammo and availability. Lesson of the day- might as well start out with similar weapons to your occupiers, eh?

Many of the members of the resistance mentioned in the book died within a year or so of joining an “active” unit. Betrayal by former members was one of the greater killers, especially in the later stages of the war. It seems that even after the major fighting ended, the Soviets continued hunting down people who had been involved (or suspected of) in any way. Captured partisans, whether dead or alive, were subjected to the most brutal torture and mutilation the Soviets could think up.
Food for thought there….

 The author (center) and other partisans

If this is a book you’d like to read, go to Amazon and grab a copy HERE.

More about Lithuania under Communist rule can be read HERE