Monday, January 12, 2015

In Case You Hadn't Noticed....

So two brothers and a homeless guy walk into a newspaper office.....

No, I'm not starting a new "joke of the week" section, although there is one element of the past weeks terrorist attack in France that is laughably obvious;

Gun restriction won't save you.
Three guys with automatic rifles and allegedly an RPG walk into a newspaper office and kill a dozen people.
Nobody stops them. Not even the police, some of whom left the scene because they weren't armed. Because we all know in our future utopian socialist societies there will be no need for scary guns. We'll be far to civilized for that.
Oh wait, here come three assholes to shoot you in the face.
How's all that gun restriction working out for you again?
Go ahead. Tell me all about how great it is when guys who give no damns about playing by your "civilized" rules can waltz into town and not even the police can stop them, let alone a well-meaning peas-er-civilian. Tell me how much safer we all really are.
I triple dog dare ya!

This has nothing to do with "high capacity assault clips" or "evil scary ghost guns" or "ease of access" or any other bullshit argument the gun haters want to throw out. It doesn't even have anything to do with the argument of "if someone wants to kill you they'll find a way".

So what happens when these assholes decide to hop over the pond?

"....Short version: all of the weapons used in today’s attack in Paris were illegal, very hard to get in France, and yet it did not matter. So when something like this attack happens here – on churches, schools, malls, wherever – and the cry for gun control once again reaches a national level, over the din of sheep begging to trade their liberty for a sense of security, remember Charlie Hebdo...."

Further, it seems that in spite of the glaringly obvious, some folks still don't get it (maybe their ears are still ringing from the shooting?).

"Speaking of those terrorists, not only did they avoid a police encounter due to France's gun-phobia, they were - almost miraculously - able to bring machine guns into downtown Paris.  How that's possible, given the country's strict gun control laws, is a question that has baffled former DNC chairman, Howard Dean.

 The interesting thing here, is we talked about guns the last time in regarding the United States, regarding how guns get in the hands of the kind of people that kill the two police officers here two weeks ago. France has tremendous gun control laws, and yet these people are able to get Kalashnikovs. So, this is really complicated stuff, and I think you have to treat these people as basically mass murderers....."

No you nitwit, it's simple. Fucking assholes don't give a fuck about your stupid rules, and simply ignore them at will, while those who abide by the law are at the assholes' mercy.
As The Colonel would have said, " The rifle (or pistol, shotgun, crossbow, axe, nunchaku, etc.) itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”

The above quotes were derived from two good articles worth sharing around. Maybe they'll listen if it's from a news source? Nah who am I kidding...

CainTv- Paris Attack Highlights Gun Control Futility

Moderno- Gun Control Will Not Save You

Standby. We'll have some more useful info coming through shortly.

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Merry Post- Christmas

If you've had enough of the hellacious Holidays, and are starting to feel the post-Christmas blues kick in, here's a little something to brighten your day. Of course it's NSFW.... did you really have to ask?

Twas The Night Before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.... except a few girls who seem to be having a real hard time getting through a very simple book....

In other news... the Grinch finally got his this year. I heard there will be movie deals- Zero Grinch Thirty or some such. 'Merica.

Merry Fuckin' Christmas, ol' chaps!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Steal A Gun For Safety

I'll just leave this here- do watch the whole thing, and remember that that when the "crazy tinfoil hatters" are blathering on about schools brainwashing your kids.... they're 110% right.

So basically, have your kid steal their parents' guns, bring them to school, and then pull it out after class and hand it to a teacher... So.... exactly how does this mesh with that "zero tolerance" policy about guns in school? If having a gun in a school is SO inherently unsafe, even with a person who has been trained to use one can't handle it, then how does that make having a kid who has no clue what the fuck they're doing with it carrying the thing into the same place right? Further, since the kid likely has no clue what he's doing with the gun, since he's scared to death of them and therefore has probably never had any familiarization with same, what happens when he pops one in his leg, or some other kid when he's carrying the thing around the school? I mean, he didn't even check to see if it was loaded before slapping it in the pack with no trigger protection device (yep, that means a holster, or something similar). Come on.
Further, this ad is supposed to stop gun violence. Clearly his mom looked like a real serial killer, and should never own a gun. I mean, I could see the way she was reading that newspaper- her very body language just screamed "kill kill kill!!!"  Clearly owning a a mere pistol for home or personal defense is evidence that she plans to murder people secretly since it could be so easily concealed and makes less noise than a rifle or shotgun. I bet it even holds more than the recommended safe capacity of ten rounds.Or is it five now?
Oh, wait I know- the mom is just a clueless bystander- it's the FATHER's gun in that drawer full of dresses- very clever hiding place- she'll never think to look there!
Because it's all the violent men's fault, right?

Coming soon to your town.
Seriously, if you haven't watched that series go do it. The part with the younger kid in school is apt right about now...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Budget Gear- Links For Everyone Part 1

Part 1 of a 5 part series covering a few basic sources of quality gear for those on a tighter than average budget, and opening up for further reviews and comparisons that will be coming up her on the blog soon.
Keep scrolling down for parts 2-5

A long time ago in when I was involved in another sport I ran across a fellow who was having some issues with gear. He was using a battle-belt-ish setup, and was contemplating a third belt, the first two having had material/workmanship related failures, as they were of unsound quality manufactured by a company that apparently sold things more for looks than to actually use. The only thing I remember thinking listening to the problems he was having was “why would you go back and buy a third of the same proven mediocre product, when you already broke two? “
When I got into the good ol’ “Merican past time of “guns and gear”, I saw the same things happening- from guns to optics to gear, and everything in between, it was almost like people seek out the junkiest stuff they can buy, and somehow think they got a good deal, solely because it was cheap and looked cool (or whatever the reason). Thankfully, after making a few of my own mistaken purchases, I learned my lesson, started doing research, and was saved by some really helpful folk elsewhere on the internet.
But it was clear that the misplaced trust in “cheap” gear was indicative of a larger problem- people just don't know what they're looking at or for. 

Because I try not to be one to complain without offering a solution, here are some solutions for those that are budget conscious, but still want quality gear.

Many people look to surplus stores for gear, and this is a great approach, but often you can do better than the old ALICE kit (unless you’re a fan) and get modern gear, by simply buying “last gen” stuff, or things in less desirable colors…..

First off, retail gear.

If you’re on a budget and haven’t shopped with Tactical Assault Gear  (TAG) yet, then you need to. Quality stuff, and for plenty reasonable prices. Their MOLLE strap attachments can be a little clunky because they use doubled webbing, but as long as you stay away from the open-top bungee pouches it should be ok.
Their Banshee plate carrier is widely regarded as one of (if not *the*) best budget PC on the market and it’s currently only $115 bucks. You can’t do any better than that for a decent PC.

For around $270 for kit in Coyote Brown,  you can get  the Banshee, a flapped triple shingle (M16) rifle magazine pouch, double pistol pouch, a pair of GP/IFAK pouches, and a spare $25 budgeted for either a small GP/Radio pouch, or extra single double-mag M16  pouch, or a little less for a grenade pouch if you’ve got those. That’s a pretty good start to any PC, and you’re still 30 bucks under what many big-name Plate Carriers START at.
If it was me personally I’d also add the Zipper Kangaroo Pouch, and *maybe* a basic admin panel (as well as a water bladder carrier, but not from TAG, +$30-ish) which would raise the price to around $344- still under what a more expensive PC would be able to be outfitted for.

However,  by picking stuff in ACU/ABU most of which is currently HEAVILY discounted at TAG right now (for example the linked GP/IFAK would drop from $32 to $13), it would allow for a few other accessories if needed, like a can of krylon.
Total for the entire thing in ABU with optional accessories (less the water bladder bought elsewhere) would be $224, or $198 without the optionals.

TAG gear as mentioned;

Rifle M16 Flapped
Double Pistol
Low Profile GP/IFAK 

If plate carriers aren’t your thing than a couple of TAG’s chest rigs are worthwhile- the Marine Gladiator w/ Bib is currently about $67 if you don’t mind ACU. I don’t feel like it’s worth the extra money in any other color, but YMMV. 
The Phalanx Type 2 MOLLE is probably their most promising design (even though I don’t like some of it),and also currently $59 if you don’t mind ACU/ABU, which is cheaper than the basic Gladiator. It would run $160 in any other color, which may still be worth it.

Budget Gear- Links For Everyone Part 2

Part 2 of the series- More pouches, PCs and Chest Rigs.
Scroll down for part 3, or back up to part 1

Also on the list, for certain select items is BDS tactical. Personally I think their stuff is a little clunky and outdated, and frankly I feel like TAG’s stuff is a little nicer. BUT…. They do make decent quality stuff, for some things- for example, their bungee mag shingles, pistol pouch, med pouch, and a couple chest rigs (albeit their chest rigs can be a bit ginormous, but if you’re a Dwayne Johnson sized dude…maybe it’s for you). Expect to wait a few weeks for their stuff as well.
Other things, like their double-mag “Stacker” M4 pouches, PC, some belts, and others are to be avoided due to the mediocrity of the design. Items of interest;

Single M4 Bungee- $13
Double Pistol-$16.25

Aside from TAG, there’s AWS, which makes the OCPC, which is a great plate carrier that runs around $150, and is similar to the LBT 6094. While it skimps on some small details, it’s still worth it for a budget carrier. They make other pouches as well, but I have no frame of reference on them and cannot comment.

For around $180 you can get into a Paraclete SOHPC PlateCarrier, which is pretty darn good stuff….Do I really need to say any more?

Budget Gear- Links For Everyone Part 3

Part 3 of the series- Chest Rigs.
Scroll down for part 4, or back up for part 2.

For chest rigs, the options are even more varied and numerous; we’ve already covered offerings from TAG- other complete or semi-complete chest rigs of excellent quality and reasonable price include;

SKD PIG UCR: 8 rifle mags, 4 pistol pockets, 2x4 MOLLE on each side, $99

ATS Slimline Chest Harness; 4-6 rifle capacity, 3x3 MOLLE on each side, $100 
Not a fan of the slick rifle pouches on the front, and at times ATS can be a little wild with their stitching, but otherwise it’s good stuff. (As a side note, ATS also makes a decent battle belt- you will need to provide your own inner belt. This is probably best used with a lighter more form-fitting load, due to design).

Ares Armor Atalanta; Ares makes solid gear, and the Atalanta is a good option for those who don’t mind an X-harness to get a semi- modular rig for a good price. You’re starting out with space for 4 or 5 rifle mags, with plenty of MOLLE space left over for other gear, or more ammo. 

There are three versions, currently all are running around $80;

For the folks that don’t like the layout of any of the above, you can get a straight up “slick” all-MOLLE rig, and set it up however you want.