Monday, February 4, 2013

Conversations and Discussions

Gun Violence- A "National Conversation" You Won't Hear

Not on the Senate floor, that's for sure.

"Vanessa [Guerena] should have been offered the opportunity to tell that story before the Senate panel – and in front of the national audience commanded by the January 30 hearing. Jose, Jr., who is now six years old, might also have been able to testify. But this wouldn’t have been compatible with the purpose of the event, which was to advance a “conversation” intended to promote the disarmament of the public, with the ultimate objective of creating a government monopoly on the use of force. That disarmament program would be carried out by, among others, the state-licensed assassins who murdered Jose Guerena.... 

....Gun-related violence by government-licensed killers is ubiquitous – and it is also a forbidden subject in the “national conversation” our rulers have orchestrated for their benefit."

Know that when they use terms like "Discussion" or  "National Conversation" they mean nothing less than "Listen to our new edicts" and "Bend over farther". Anyone that refuses to take part in the "conversation" gets more of the above.

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